Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who the heck are you anyway?

Allow myself to introduce...myself.

I am Amanda, aka Mannah.  I work with young children and they are the ones who bestowed me with that nickname, as they are usually unable to pronounce my first name.

I am a woman of many facets, some of which you will get to know over time as you read this blog.  I can be at times quite sarcastic and if my sense of humor offends, I deeply apologize.  Actually, I don't.  If you are offended, you have the option to not read it.

I decided to call this blog my musings because that's exactly what it will be.  Whatever happens to be on my mind on any given day will likely end up here.  Politics, recipes, movies, whatever.  It'll eventually all be here.

Two things to note about me: I am bipolar and infertile.  Both of these conditions will be discussed at length, as they are on the forefront of my mind most days.  But I'll try not to get into some of the weirder details.

Lastly, there are two things I love most.  My husband and my rats.  Yes, I have pet rats and I am just mad over them.  I'll leave you with an adorable picture of Lily and Violet play-fighting.

Also, please leave comments with suggestions for future blog posts!  I may or may not take your suggestion, but it will fill me with glee to be able to read them.

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