This page is dedicated to all our current and former rats.  We love them all!

Current Rats

Black Berkshire, DOB 1/17/12
Lily is such a sweet girl.  She was a total impulse purchase for me.  I had a bad day at work, so I stopped by the pet store, just to browse, but fell in love with her and ended up bringing her home.  Mr J wasn't too happy about that, but he ended up falling in love too.  She gives kisses on demand and sometimes goes a little overboard and tries to eat our lips. Lily also loves belly kisses and tickles.

Mink/White Variegated Dumbo, DOB 3/23/12
AKA Fatty, Heidi is our smartest girl.  She is very curious and will get into most things but will almost always come out when we call her.  We can also tell her to find any of the others and she will.  She knows all the other rats' names.  Heidi loves getting treats and will usually find a way to get more than everyone else.

Fawn/White Variegated Red-Eyed, DOB 8/8/12
Sally is very shy; she usually won't even come out of the cage unless we make her.  Then when she comes out, she ends up hiding in her big cardboard box.  She can sometimes be convinced to cuddle on a lap (or Mr J's chest, as pictured), especially if that lap includes a cuddly blanket.  Sally loves the wheel and sometimes will not allow any of the others in the wheel, though sometimes she's feeling generous and will share it for a couple of minutes.  She is also very smart and has completely taken over one of the food bowls.  She will pile all the toys in and around the bowl and not let anyone else eat out of it.  If one of the others takes toys out of the food bowl in order to eat, she'll come up behind them and put the toys back where she wants them.

Mink Berkshire Dumbo, DOB 3/12/13
Violet is our newest addition, so I don't have very many pictures of her yet.  She also is very hyper, always on the go, so it is next to impossible to get a picture that isn't blurred.  As she is still very young, she likes to annoy the others.  She is also a licky rat, meaning she will lick us all over and lick her friends all over.  Violet seems to be pretty smart, in the short time we've had her, she's managed to figure out all the good hiding spots.

Rainbow Bridge Rats


Champagne Self, 12/20/09-4/24/12
Molly was our very first rat, and as such she will always hold a special place in our hearts.  She was so smart, she figured out how to get into places that none of the others have gone.  She forced us to block off the pantry, because she would always get into it and eat all the goodies inside.  Several times I would be looking all over the house for her, only to find her on top of the refrigerator.  Molly was so cuddly and such a sweetheart, we still miss her like crazy.


Black/White Hooded, 4/17/10-2/10/13
The first few months we had Molly, we didn't realize you are supposed to have more than one rat at a time.  So we decided to get another one after awhile to keep her company.  We went to the pet store and saw Chloe, I fell in love with her immediately because she was so spunky.  Mr J wanted to wait a little while but he said if she was still there the following weekend, we could get her.  Well, she was and we did.  Best decision we could have made!  We thought Molly might be jealous at first, but she loved Chloe instantly.  She adopted Chloe as her own baby, always grooming her and showing her around the house.  They were constant best friends and when Molly died, Chloe just seemed lost.  Chloe was adorable and so well-behaved.  She was the opposite of Molly, never getting into stuff and always came when we called her.  In June 2012, Chloe developed a mammary tumor (her third, we had the others removed) and we were advised against surgery because of her age.  We thought she wasn't going to last much longer but she proved us wrong and lived another 8 months, dragging the tumor around with her.  We finally had her put down in February when the tumor seemed to have sapped all her strength.  RIP, sweet Chloe.

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